Your Wellbeing Timetable

Physical and mental wellbeing, available to health and social care colleagues across the East Midlands.

Hosted by Joined Up Care Derbyshire and Stronger Together Northamptonshire, the launch of Your Wellbeing Timetable provides a wealth of inclusive wellbeing support to improve your health and wellbeing. Sessions are delivered virtually across the timetable and many of the sessions are recorded to support those who are not able to attend at a set time. All support sessions are provided FREE for colleagues across the East Midlands, and they are designed to suit all levels and abilities with options and modifications offered to suit.

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Consisting of over 250 support sessions each month, Your Wellbeing Timetable delivers a series of workshops, webinars, courses, activities, and dedicated colleague-support cafés; delivering advice, support, and useful information to help keep colleagues healthy, safe and well in all aspects of life.

The timetable is brought to you via a combined support offer from Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD) Wellbeing and Stronger Together, who are collaborating on a suite of solutions to support health and social care staff across the East Midlands, to complement existing local support services.

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