Financial wellbeing support

With the rising cost of living, making your money stretch further can feel increasingly challenging. Many of us are finding it more difficult to cover essential costs such as our weekly food shop, household costs, energy bills, travel and childcare, which can put pressure on us both physically and mentally.

However, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

We want to support you during this time by giving you practical advice to help you stretch your money further, manage your finances more confidently and know where to access the right support at the right time should you need it.

Please note, the information is up to date as of Feb 2023. The resources highlighted in this guide are there to give you information about a range of support available to you and are not promotions or endorsements of these organisations or companies. This guide may be amended or updated at any time.

Help for Households discounts and offers

What national travel offers and resources can I access?

Help with childcare costs

Help with utilities

What national organisations can I turn to for financial advice and guidance?

Is any grant funding or financial support available to help me?

Money worries are impacting my mental health. Where can I seek support?

Other UK Government Advice and Guidance:

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