Developing Diverse Leadership Programme

A partnership programme for aspiring Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic leaders in the workplace where no one gets left behind, and everyone moves forward.

We are not currently taking applications for this programme but will update this page with future opportunities.

Aimed at Midwifery, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (Bands, 5-7) and their line managers.

About the programme

This programme brings together TWO components of leadership development from established leadership programmes available from Skills for Care and the Midlands Leadership Academy.


This programme focuses on individual understanding of strengths and weaknesses and provides a variety of techniques to help overcome any personal challenges. It will focus on increasing confidence and self-belief, to allow individuals to grow and progress in their career. It will also explore barriers towards career progression and provide tools to promote a better understanding to help shape and influence individual career progression.


This package of learning will develop leaders who are compassionate, lead with cultural appreciation and sensitivity and can facilitate inclusively to support social justice. The focus will be about what you ‘do’ as a leader to create a socially inclusive culture and not who you ‘are’ as a leader.

A partnership approach

The success of this programme relies on a close working partnership between participants and their line manager to make sure potential barriers towards career progression are recognised and a collaborative approach is taken to address these both during and beyond the programme. This is by way of sharing stories, best practice and strategies to support inclusive talent management approaches that can be shared as part of individual and organisational learning

What are we looking for in your application?

  1. Evidence of being motivated to progress as a leader and being proactive in
    your approach towards achieving this (i.e. shadowing, mentoring, leading on projects).
  2. Evidence of how any previous learning has been applied and transferred
    back in the workplace.
  3. Evidence of a clearly planned strategy on how the knowledge/skills attained will be fed into personal/organisational growth.
  4. Evidence of willingness to contribute towards promoting an inclusive culture and participate in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic networks.
  5. Evidence of willing to work collaboratively with line manager to achieve
    agreed objectives.


Frequently asked questions

In the first instance, speak to your line manager and let them know you are interested in applying for this programme and share this.  Following this, book some time in to complete the joint application and agree whether you will do this together or separately (participant first and then line manager). Check that you can both attend all the learning components assigned to this programme and save the dates in both of your calendars.

In total, there are 80 places: 40 places for participants and 40 for their line managers.

This pilot programme is aimed at Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues within Nursing, AHP, Midwifery on bands 5-7 and their respective line managers.

Log on to the LLR Academy web pages to access other opportunities. Note: We aim to take the learning from this programme and extend it to other colleagues across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland system (LLR) once the pilot is complete and funding is secured.

We recommend you spend some time together to explore reasons why.  If there are underlying issues that could be potential barriers to you applying, we suggest you contact your in-house sponsor (the name you have put on your application form).  The in-house sponsor is a neutral party that can assist to address potential blockers and suggest ways forward i.e., preparatory steps prior to attending the programme, signposting to other forms of development for both parties.  The best course of action will be determined to support you.

We have factored in the possibility that the programme may be oversubscribed and have put together some CPD modules that will be made available to you to help you progress in your career.  You can also apply to access a coach/mentor via the Midlands Leadership Academy/Leicester, Leicestershire Rutland Academy.  In addition, you will also have access to any CPD provided by BAME networks.

You will be sent an email a few weeks after the shortlisting has been completed to let you know if you have been successful in securing a place on the programme.

  • You will be expected to complete all the taught modules via MS Teams or Zoom.
  • Complete all the e-learning modules (you will receive instructions on how to access a visual learning environment).
  • Attend all the action learning sets and be an active participant.
  • Attend the launch/induction event including the celebration event.
  • Work collaboratively with your line manager including participants on the programme.
  • Participate in any evaluation/impact activities to capture the learning from the programme.

The majority of the workshops will take place online however, the action learning sets including the launch/induction event and celebration event will be face to face.  We will provide you with details nearer the time.