LLR Academy

What is the LLR Academy?

The LLR Academy is a team of dedicated health and social care representatives working together across the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) system to improve outcomes and experiences for our patients and employees, creating ‘more good days’.

The LLR Academy is underpinned by the Person-centred Leadership Framework (PCLF) which has, at its core, a focus on outcomes and is built on a platform of positive culture; a working across systems mind-set; and positive behaviours that support collaborative working.

What is the purpose of the LLR Academy?

Through the Person Centred Leadership Framework (PCLF),the academy will:

  • Facilitate the consistent delivery of positive outcomes and experience #MoreGoodDays
  • Position and equip the LLR system to be ‘change ready’ to become an Integrated Care System (ICS)
  • Work with partners to drive the ambition for making LLR the best place to work
  • Develop a workforce that is fit for the future – the right people, with the right skills, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Deliver a person-centered, outcome-focused approach to all workstreams
  • Work collaboratively with partners putting patients first, system second, and organisation third


The Inclusive Culture and Leadership workstream meets on a monthly basis with updates provided and immediate priorities and actions agreed upon.

Ultimately the academy is governed by the LLR Clinical Executive (chaired by Dr. Mayur Lakhani and Nil Sanganee), and the LLR People and Culture Board, chaired by Alice McGee, working closely with Claire Teeny and Sarah Willis.  It is through these forums that all strategies, funding, and new initiatives are considered.

“I am delighted to support the continued development of the LLR Academy. It is a key initiative and provides a great way of bringing staff together across the system to deliver better care for patients in Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland.” Andy Williams Chief Executive LLR Integrated Care Board.

“The Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland Academy is an example of the truly innovative and people-centred work that the LLR system does and is proud of. The Academy puts people and quality at the heart of what we do as a system ensuring that there are more good days for our staff, the population we serve, and our patients. The Academy is a living thing and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to grow, develop and support our people.” Alice McGee Executive Director of People and Innovation, LLR Integrated Care Board.

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