Autumn and Winter Health

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Health and Wellbeing Partnership has brought together all the relevant information to help you stay healthy and well this Autumn and Winter. Get in the know about the services and support that is available covering a wide range of health topics. Even if you don’t feel you need any support right now, it is worth finding out what’s available so you are prepared if your situation changes. Alternatively, bookmark this page for future reference.

Photo showing two gloved hands holding a red heart

NHS services

Find out about the health services you can use if you are unwell or injured.


Find out if you are eligible for a Covid or flu vaccine, and how to get vaccinated.

Cost of living

Get advice and support to reduce your living costs and keep warm.

Mental health

Learn about looking after your mental health and the services you can use for support.

Minor ailments

Getting support for looking after minor illnesses and injuries.

Children & young people

Children and young people need bespoke advice and support for their physical and mental health needs. Find out more.

Bad weather

Are you ready for the weather this Winter? Learn about the steps you can take to stay safe and healthy.

Blood donation

Find out how to give blood this Winter to help protect supplies for those who need them.