Population Health Management

Population health management is a core aim of integrated care systems to help reduce inequalities and improve the health of everyone in LLR.  We will achieve this by gaining a better understanding of the health and care needs of our  populations now using information and stories  predict what they might need in the future. The population health approach uses historical and current data to better understand the local population and the wider determinants of health, such as the physical environment and social and economic conditions.  By working in together, the NHS, local authorities, public services, the community and with the voluntary sector and local communities we can tailor care better to patients’ needs, prevent illness or worseningof existing conditions and put in place wider support closer to home.

This partnership approach makes best use of collective resources, reduces the need for multiple appointments  andmakes sure we get to the true causes of poor health and wellbeing. .

What can you do to help improve inequalities in the NHS?

  • Talk to us! We want to know your experiences of the NHS and your thoughts on how services can be made better.


  • If you are asked to attend for cancer screening or vaccination – please come! Too many people in our region have ill-health or die from preventable diseases or diseases that can be effectively treated if caught early.


  • If you find that routine services can’t meet your needs; tell us what would work for you. We cannot promise to meet every need, but we do want to hear your story of what would work for you.


  • Help us keep your records up to date – the information in your NHS record is very important. The more information we have, the more we can create services that work for everyone.