Locally focussed

Our new system will operate at three levels, building a better knowledge of the needs of people in communities, so that:

  • Patients receive more care closer to home, including some outpatient and diagnostics procedures.
  • People can stay independent for longer because health providers, social care and community-based services will support those with the most complex needs.


Neighbourhoods: are the cornerstone of our ICS. Based on 25 groups of GP practices, known as primary care networks, they work together to manage care close to home for populations of 30-50k patients. They develop multidisciplinary teams working with councils, the community and voluntary sector, to care for those with long-term conditions. GPs, practice and community nurses and staff will work with partners to wrap care around the most vulnerable



At the ‘place’ level, care alliances, including hospitals, local authorities (Health and Wellbeing Boards), urgent care, mental health and community services, transport providers and the newly formed primary care networks, plan the delivery of healthcare in response to local need. In LLR the three places are Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland



At a system level the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board and its partners will analyse need, set priorities and desired health outcomes, and allocate funding.