Provider collaboratives will bring NHS providers together to achieve the benefits of working at scale across multiple places and one or more ICSs, to improve quality, efficiency and outcomes and address unwarranted variation and inequalities in access and experience across different providers.

Previously services would have been commissioned from a range of provider organisations. Under an Integrated Care System, providers work together in partnerships known as collaboratives to plan, transform and deliver all the care required throughout patients’ lives, for a particular aspect of health.

The collaborative can include NHS trusts, local authorities, community and voluntary sector organisations, social enterprises and the independent, as appropriate. Working as one, the partners in each collaborative use their collective workforce to improve the health of the local population and reduce unwarranted variation and inequity for all the different communities in the local area.

Locally, two provider collaboratives have already been established by NHS Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland:

  • Elective care (planned procedures)
  • Learning Disabilities and Autism