Inclusive Decision Making Framework

The reality is that inequalities exist and can be perpetuated through decisions.  This Inclusive Decision-Making Framework (IDMF) has been co-produced by LLR system partner organisations to provide a structured way to look at, consider and examine the impact that a proposed or existing policy, procedure, practice, programme, function, service offer, design or change, etc could have on different groups of people.  The aim is to offer all system partners consistent documentation that would streamline and standardise Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) or Equality Analysis (EA) when reviewing any decision involving services and/or workforce.

The IDMF comprises of:

An EIA or EA form/ template helps to ensure all aspects of a proposal, policy, service change, etc have been covered, including clear aims & objectives, impact on protected characteristic groups & wider equality groups, health inequalities, inclusive & meaningful engagement, etc.  The form also fully incorporates the IDMF with a Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT).

A companion guidance document on the EIA or EA form/template and how to fully complete it.

Further information from a pre-recorded learning session about the IDMF is accessible below

Inclusive Decision Making Framework (IDMF) Learning Set

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