Integrated Care Boards have the ability to delegate some of their commissioning responsibilities to what are known as collaboratives. Under this arrangement, partners work together to plan, transform and deliver all the care required throughout patients’ lives. 

The collaborative can include NHS trusts, local authorities, community and voluntary sector organisations, social enterprises and the independent, as appropriate. Working as one, the partners in each collaborative use their collective workforce to improve the health of the local population and reduce unwarranted variation and inequity for all the different communities in the local area.

Many areas have what are known as provider collaboratives. In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, there is a unique provider landscape of a single acute provider and a single community and mental health provider. For this reason it has been agreed to arrange the collaboratives by theme instead.

In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, there are several collaboratives and partnerships, at various stages of development. 

Two collaboratives have formally been established locally:

  • Learning Disabilities and Autism Collaborative
  • Mental Health Collaborative